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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Looking for an Ecard?

I'd like to thank French Fancy for this website that she posted in her blog. Really cool! It's Jacquie Lawson's animated ecards all year round! You can become a member if you like but if not, you can still have a chance to send the cards to your friends! I really really like her collection... Visit this site, click on the card you like then click "Preview this Card".

Click on the picture and see what I'm talking about... It'll only take a few seconds to load and a few seconds to view so no hassles, click away!

In case the picture won't link, click here: Santa's Flight. I'm sure your kids will love these ecards :o) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Got sites similar to this one? Do let me know so we can visit them... thanks!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Last Dec. 10, yours truly turned a year older - yep, I'm 31 :o) I cooked spaghetti and prepared ice box cake. Mu husband bought 2 small cakes (can u see them? too small huh!) with those teenie weenie candles too that says 31 (yes, that's how you're supposed to read those candles!) Imee bought the Sprite and the oranges... And oh, I'm wearing Cathy and Jon's gift - i love purple! Other stuffs on the table are just add ons to make it look "full" (wink)

They were singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU and it made me very excited so I clapped my hands and had that ALL OUT SMILES!

We had our family picture...Yes, this is our family here in China. We managed to stick together and be there for each other in good times and bad... Cindy girl, we miss you here!!! Don't worry, you'll have your share of treat this weekend :o)
My 2 loves gave me their kisses...i love this shot!

EJ and I blew my tiny candles...and off we ate all we can.

We ended the night with this "showing off my tummy" pose... Baby is 18 weeks so here's how we both look :o)

Before I end this blog, for the record, my day wasn't perfect... My husband came home at 9pm because he needed to stay at work to finish a deadline so the rest of us had to eat our partial dinner while waiting for him because we were all starving, EJ accidentally hit my cheekbone with his head (oh my it hurt and it made me weep like a child!!!) but in spite that, I made a choice not to allow anything to rob my joy. So we had those photos up there :o)

Life is simple... Birthdays need not be expensive nor perfect. As long as you have special people to celebrate it with, that for me is a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Heard of Santa Cops?

Here's an interesting post I read from poshpost:
"The Santa Cops of the Philippines...But aside from thwarting criminal activity, the Santa Cops also help people, such as helping this old lady cross the street. They also give out candies to children. And sometimes, those in complete Santa costume, take time out to have a picture taking with interested kids." Read More

Yes it is Christmas and the initiative sounds good but I wonder if the other parts of the World do let their cops wear this Santa costumes too... Or this is one of those moments we can say ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES? If yes, is this something we can be proud of as Filipinos?

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