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Friday, December 5, 2008

Ever Wondered What's Behind Hollywood Studio Logos?

I'd like to thank my friend Darknite for bringing to my knowledge this very interesting website... I really like it mainly because I'm one of those who wants to understand why things are the way they are and what brought them into existence.

I'm talking about the stories behind Hollywood studio logos featured in NEATORAMA. Here are a few of the stories I've read:


Who is the boy on the moon in the DreamWorks logo? What does SKG stand for? Hmmm...


The boy's name is William Hunt, son of Robert Hunt. SKG stands for Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen... Read More...


How many lions have been playing the role of "Leo The Lion" in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)? And why put a lion and not giraffe or zebra or a hipo? :o)


There have been five lions playing the role of "Leo The Lion". It's based on the athletic team of studio publicist Howard Dietz's alma mater Columbia University, the Lions. Read More...

There are 4 more logo stories in NEATORAMA so click on the link and read on... It's interesting to find out what we see in the opening part of the movies we're watching.

Know anymore sites like the one featured here? Let me know and get it featured here... :o)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Like Watching / Downloading Movies for FREE?

The other day I was browsing through some posts of those who follow the shewritesyouwrite blog and I found Random Finds. This blog featured a very nice website Graboid - a place where you can watch over 150,000 movies online or download them for FREE!!!

Here's how:

1. go to

2. download the Graboid application...takes about 2 minutes with a broadband connection. Once the software is downloaded – install it, launch, and click on New Account to register.

"When you enter Graboid, you will automatically see the most popular videos according to our users. You will have immediate access to over 150,000 movies and tv episodes. Browse our extensive collection to find videos that interest you. You can instantly watch movies online or download movies to watch or burn to dvd later." - graboid

3. search for the movie or tv series you've been dying too see! graboid is so easy to use, user friendly I should say.

We actually just finished with The Unit Season 4 episode 10. My husband and I enjoy watching that series but we just used to rely on DVDs and if not for graboid, we would have to wait for so long! Again, thanks to Random Finds I learned about graboid.

There are other sites suggested by 2 friends of Random Finds :
1. - from Tenzing S.
2. - from Richard Hartman

I haven't tried these 2 sites yet but I will in a few days. :o)

Got websites similar to the ones listed here? Me and my friends will surely try it out! and THANK YOU for it :o)



I saw poshpost's blog and thought a 3-column template would be great so I asked her how it's done. She then sent me a link to Webtalks where I was able to download for FREE the 3-column template... yep's FREE! You have several choices and they're really nice! After following the instructions, you can visit The Cutest Blog on the Block to look for the perfect background for you blog! Really cool and I enjoyed doing it.

However, just a word of caution... If you are changing from a 2-column template to a 3-column, make sure you back up your widgets. But if it's a new one like this blog, then you don't have to worry...

Got anymore template website suggestions? If you used the sites i suggested, how did you find it? Do let us know...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Just Keep Moving

Most of the time we lose because we think we are losers... We don't succeed because our thinking limits ourselves from being one. We often see our weaknesses and not our strenghts. We underestimate what we can do... But there are people who believes in us. People who sees us to be their leaders and they count on us. And if we quit, they'll do the same.

We can't give up... Not now. Not ever... Just Keep Moving until your last breath...

Found this inspiring video on
the author writes:

"This Video, which was taken from the movie, Facing The Giants is one of the most inspiring video excepts I have have ever seen.."

Had there been a time in your life where you thought of quitting but did not?


I decided to have this blog because I want an avenue where I can just post anything without having to categorize them. It's like an anything goes kind of blog :o)

So like me, I'm sure you too need something to share... so feel free... at the end of my post, i'll have questions. Write Something ok?

And of course, everything in the spirit of friendly environment where we don't use profane languages :-)

So thanks for dropping by... See you around!

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